Foundation Now Has a Permanent Home

To preserve the legacy of the alumni center and forge a lasting collaboration between the Fairmont State Alumni Association and the Fairmont State Foundation, the Alumni Association has gifted the Erickson Alumni Center to the Foundation.

“The Fairmont State FSU Erickson Alumni Center is a building that serves as a symbolic gathering place for alumni and friends of Fairmont State University to come together as one. It provides a comfortable space to gather for all purposes…to celebrate, to remember, to plan, to lead, and to enjoy. Making this dream a reality took teamwork and collaboration. In that same spirit, we move forward for a brighter future for all of our Falcon Family,” said Mary Jo Thomas, President of the Fairmont State Alumni Association.

The Fairmont State Erickson Alumni Center, located on Locust Avenue is one of 13 Erickson-sponsored facilities throughout the state. Although the Erickson Alumni Center has found new ownership, the name and functionality of the building will remain unchanged, to honor the generous gifts that supported the renovations and upgrades that made the existing center possible.

The Fairmont State Alumni Association is pleased to have ensured that plaques highlighting alumni award winners and other keepsakes, such as “Mound” yearbooks, historical photos, and other Fairmont State Alumni attire will remain prominently displayed, so that visiting members of the Falcon Family can enjoy them for years to come. The Alumni Association will continue to house alumni-sponsored events at the Erickson Alumni Center.

“I am very pleased to announce that the Fairmont State Foundation now has a permanent home thanks to the generosity of the Fairmont State Alumni Association. This is indeed a significant milestone in the life of the Foundation and we sincerely appreciate the foresight and generosity of the Alumni Association in extending this gift to the Foundation,” said Craig Walker, Chair of the Foundation Board.

The mission of the Fairmont State Foundation, Inc. is to support, through ethical stewardship, the mission of Fairmont State University. The Foundation will identify, establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with Fairmont State alumni and potential and existing funding constituencies to meet contributor needs while securing funds and supporters for priority objectives identified by their Board of Governors.