Senior Campaign 2021

Senior Campaign 2021 Come Walk With Us

The Class of 2021 at Fairmont State University is working to continue the senior class tradition, encouraging seniors to leave their mark on their home away from home. For our senior campaign, we welcome you to come “Walk with a Falcon” to help with the addition of a Falcon Park and Trail on our campus. The first steps in this project are the trail path and trail head, the heart of the Falcon Park and Trail. This campaign will not only enrich our beloved campus but add future opportunities for the University and student organizations.  

The Student Government Association has partnered with the Fairmont State Foundation, Jan Kiger and the Outdoor Recreation Program, and the Community Design Assistance Center Architecture Program headed by Phil Freeman to make this dream a reality.  

By establishing a green space on Fairmont State’s campus, the opportunity for a long-term relationship between humans and nature will be created. This space will improve creativity, problem solving and academic performance through nature-based learning. We encourage our admired alumni and community members to support student education outside of the classroom while at the school on the hill. Please help us reach our goal and donate to this amazing opportunity. Hopefully one day, you can come walk with us.

*All cash gifts to the Fairmont State Foundation will be charged a 2% management fee.