Fighting Falcons $1,000 Club

The Fighting Falcons $1,000 Club is pleased to announce its fourth annual campaign. Once again, we are excited to share this special invitation for you to “join the team behind the teams!” The $1,000 Club is comprised of a group of loyal Fairmont State alumni and friends who share a common desire to provide Fighting Falcon athletic teams with the extra resources necessary to successfully compete in Division II athletics.

As a member of the $1,000 Club, you directly help our athletic teams establish themselves among the best in the Mountain East Conference. The $1,000 Club was created to support two vital aspects – scholarships and necessary expenses, such as travel, post-game meals and equipment. You may choose to designate your money to help fund scholarships for student-athletes, or you may choose to designate your money to a specific athletic program of your choice.

Your support is the critical piece to providing the necessary tools for our student-athletes to succeed on and off the court or playing field. By joining the $1,000 Club, you become an important member of an elite group of people committed to the success of FSU Athletics.

Go Falcons!