Falcon SAFE Program

students sitting on wall with Falcon SAFE Program logo


COVID-19 has changed all our lives. But for some of our most vulnerable Falcon students, the impact has been devastating. That’s why Fairmont State University has created the Falcon Student Academic Financial Emergency (SAFE) Program. This program  will help provide emergency financial assistance to our students who have experienced unexpected hardship – hardship which not only prevents them from being able to meet essential needs, but also threatens to derail the transformative education Fairmont State provides.

This global crisis has affected students around the nation, and many Fairmont State students are impacted particularly severely. While students are drawn to Fairmont State for its low tuition and distinctive academic programs, choosing to pursue a college degree is still a significant investment for West Virginia families.

Many students are struggling without the paycheck of on- and off-campus jobs. Students who live off-campus are wondering how they’ll pay rent, while some who had lived in residence halls and had campus meal plans now face food and housing insecurity. And still others face additional education-related expenses as they transition to an online-only learning environment.

By supporting the Falcon SAFE Program, you can help us provide our students:

  • Funds for unmet financial costs due to loss of employment
  • Food, toiletries, medical bills
  • Any educational-related expenses as students move to online classes

Your gift to the Falcon Fund, which will be used to support the Falcon SAFE Program,  will help students thrive during the present crisis as well as other unexpected financial barriers students may face, from leaving an unsafe living environment to dealing with the cost of an unexpected health issue.

Thank you in advance for helping meet the needs of our most vulnerable Falcon Family, and for ensuring these students have the resources they need to be healthy and successful.

You are keeping alive their dreams of achieving a college degree, and with your gift, they’ll continue to soar.