Donor Recognition

Victory Bell Society
Victory Bell Society

The Victory Bell Society recognizes cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more in a fiscal year to any designation. Take advantage of our recurring gift option and receive a discount. By signing up for a monthly recurring gift of $75 you will receive the same benefits for only $900. Graduates of the past 10 years can join with a gift of $250 or more.

The Column Society
Column Society

The Column Society honors lifetime giving in support of Fairmont State University. Membership in the Column Society is reserved for those individuals or corporations who have a cumulative lifetime giving of $25,000 or more. Those who reach $500,000 in cumulative giving will be awarded membership in the prestigious Column Society President’s Circle.


1865 Heritage Society
1865 Heritage Society

The 1865 Heritage Society honors those special individuals who have chosen to include Fairmont State University in their will or estate plan. The Society provides a strong foundation upon which the University can continue to advance its time-honored tradition of providing quality education.

Members of the Heritage Society have the foresight to understand that the future success of Fairmont State depends on the plans we make today. The goal of the Society is to acknowledge these individuals for their vision and to provide a lasting tribute in their honor. Heritage Society recognition is a life-long legacy for donors and their families.

  • Joe J. Bavely*
  • Joan and Erwin Berry III
  • Margaret E. Bobby*
  • Mary and Frank Clark
  • Fred and Linda Cooper
  • Janice Falkenstein Denison
  • John DeMary*
  • Peter Doran*
  • Margaret J. Duprey
  • Hazel E. Dyer*
  • Linda Nixon and Ronald Federspiel
  • Martha G. Flesher*
  • Nancy J. Freker*
  • David H. Gibson*
  • Boyce L. Gumm*
  • Eva G. Hall*
  • Wendell G. Hardway*
  • Dr. Bob and Susan Hawkins
  • Melva M. Hess*
  • Byron Jackson*
  • Wilbur M. Jones*
  • John and Mary Kaiser*
  • Blanche Kinney*
  • Gary A. and Renee LeDonne
  • Phyllis and Carl Lipson*
  • Aileen Lucas*
  • Mary J. Lucas*
  • Jane Meyer*
  • Carl S. and Geraldine Miller*
  • Blair and Sue Montgomery
  • James V. Morris*
  • William and Hazel Morris*
  • Emily A. Nichols*
  • Barbara A. Nutter*
  • Raymond V. Pearson*
  • Ruth Ann Powell*
  • Butch and Becky Phillips
  • William D. and Karen E. Poole
  • Blanche Price*
  • Kathryn and Charles Reed*
  • Haddon and Martha Rhodes*
  • Sean P. Riley
  • David and Connie Rogers
  • Myrl G. Rohrbough*
  • Woodrow and Selma Sayre*
  • Michael M. and Amy Shaffer
  • Paul J. and Lori M. Shaffer
  • William D. Shaffer*
  • Thelma Shaw*
  • William and Betty Sherman*
  • Mary J. Smith*
  • Elmus L. Snoderly*
  • Richard Sonnershein
  • Ralph and Judy Stewart
  • James L. Tatterson*
  • Marie Knight Teets*
  • Mary M. Turkovich*
  • Joanne L. VanHorn*
  • Wanda S. Van Vliet*
  • Michael and Carole Wade
  • Louise A. Wallman*
  • William and Edith H. Waters*
  • Richard and Virginia Wellock*
  • Virginia E. White*
  • Margaret M. Willard*
  • Janice and Royal Watts

*Notates a deceased member