Athletic Support

The Fairmont State Department of Athletics features 17 sports and nearly 300 student-athletes. Fairmont State University is committed to providing a first-class experience for the student-athletes when it comes to earning a degree and being competitive in the field of competition.

With state funds continuing to be limited, private funding for athletics has never been more important than it is today.

Private funding helps provide:
  • Scholarship support
  • Program Support (Specific to each sports)
  • Facility Upgrades and enhancements.

This type of support allows Fairmont State coaches and staff to ensure and promote the first-class experience that all student-athletes aspire and to which Fairmont State is committed. Private support is crucial in order for Fairmont State to remain competitive on a conference, regional and national level.

Make an impact on Fairmont State athletics today by contacting Ryan Courtney, Interim Athletic Director at (304) 333-3646 or by email at

*All cash gifts to the Fairmont State Foundation will be charged a 2% management fee. You may choose to pay that fee up front or have it taken out of your overall gift.